Staff - Roster

Photo Name Role Biography
David De La Parralle AC

Offensive Coordinator

David was an offensive lineman in the CFL from 1999 ...

Devon Sparman Devon Sparman AC

Assistant OC

Dvac Munroe Dvac Munroe AC

Defensive Line

Eli Raniery Carvalho de Faria AC


Jake MacLaren Jake MacLaren AC

Special Teams

Jeff Hillier Jeff Hillier AC

Defensive Backs

Jeff comes with a wealth of experience from the AFL ...

Jim Williams Jim Williams AC

Defensive Line and Special Teams

Ken Dearborn AC
Les Fall Les Fall AC


Marc Reid AC


Marc played in the Canadian Football League, and was head coach ...

Shawn Fraser Shawn Fraser AC

Linebackers and Defensive Backs

Shawn is a former standout with PRI Tackle ...

Steve Letner Steve Letner AC

 Defensive Coordinator

Steve has been an assistant with the Hurricanes for the ...

Ross Young Ross Young HC

Head Coach

Young is no stranger to the football community in Prince ...

Wyatt Inman TR

Strength and Conditioning

Wyatt has been a certified exercise physiologist since 1998 ...